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Reading and analysis of the data to establish the foundation of the recommended actions.

Yakutsk logistics assets map

Yakutsk is located on the left bank of the Lena river and currently connected with the other parts of the region and country through winter roads connections over the Lena river in winter and ferry transportation in the summer period. The City counts with 2 airports: international Yakutsk airport and local regional Magan airport; a river port; bus station and a railway station Nizhny Bestyakh which is located on the right bank. It also lies on the crossroads of 3 major highways in the area: A-360 Lena, Vilyuy Road and P-504 Kolyma highways, connecting Yakutsk with Magadan and Irkutsk cities. The project of the much anticipated bridge across Lena river is currently in its initial phase, and will create a permanent connection between Yakutsk and the villages and main transport links on the right side of the river, including the possibility of train access to the city.