Our team of resilience experts works with local governments from around the world to evaluate and understand their unique urban systems, including their greatest challenges. We believe in the power of engaging with municipal departments, the private sector, and civil society stakeholders within a city to create a vision for resilience by consensus. 


Our approach: The City Resilience Profiling Tool

Together, we implement the City Resilience Profiling Tool, a process developed over 9 years with more than 10 local governments, and shaped by UN-Habitat’s extensive expertise in urban issues, to gather and analyse data about a city’s specific context and performance.

Through this process we hold resilience trainings and workshops with government staff and city partners, develop in-depth resilience profiles, and produce actionable guidance for cities to increase their capacity to build urban resilience for the long term.

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Implementation process, personnel, and cost requirements

Depending on a city’s size and context, the timeline and associated costs of the City Resilience Profiling Tool implementation vary. On average, the implementation process occurs over 12-18 months.

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