UN-Habitat and Evergreen have officially reinforced their commitment to collaborative efforts through a historic Memorandum of Understanding, announced during the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona on November 8, 2023. 

This collaborative commitment marks an important milestone in the ongoing partnership between Canadian institutions and organizations and UN-Habitat. The collaboration promises to create profound impact, with a particular focus on supporting UN-Habitat’s City Resilience Global Programme, recognized globally for its role in helping cities identify and overcome resilience challenges. Evergreen, drawing on its wealth of experience, will assist CRGP in developing innovative approaches to capacity building and knowledge sharing, while connecting the program with Canadian wisdom and expertise.

In the coming months, Evergreen and UN-Habitat will embark on a collaborative journey to determine project scoping and knowledge sharing, laying the groundwork for their joint initiatives. Their shared goal is to strengthen urban resilience, champion sustainable development and pave the way for more prosperous and equitable cities. This MoU establishes a solid framework for cooperation, ensuring that both organizations work in synergy to enhance the institutional capacity of cities and community leaders on a global scale.