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Reading and analysis of the data to establish the foundation of the recommended actions.

Infrastructure - Hard

Fixed physical structures or facilities that support different service sectors (e.g. transport, energy, water and sanitation, information systems, healthcare and education). ×
Completion Status
  Summation of data collection completion results for indicators related with coverage, distributin and physical accessibility to infrastructure networks:
  • Complete refers to data sufficient for calculating a benchmark
  • Alternative refers to data insufficient for calculating a benchmark but nonetheless beneficial for the analysis
  • Not Available refers to data that was not or could not be collected
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Benchmark Assessment
Provides a high-level assessment of the performance of the indicators directly related with physical aspects of infrastructure networks based on quantitative measurement of the data collected against established benchmarks, or based on qualitative reading.
Benchmarks range from Green (indicating positive performance or potential capacity) to Red (indicating poor performance and potential vulnerability).
Qualitative Measures refers to Indicators that have been informed by qualitative reading, such as through alternative data.
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