In 2019, the Municipality of Teresina, the Government of Brazil and the United Nations Program for Human Settlements signed a Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of the Teresina Urban Resilience Program. Through this agreement, for 2 years, the parties worked together implementing the City Resilience Profiling Tool to build technical capacity for urban resilience in the municipality and produce a strategic action plan for the city, called Recommendations on Actions for Resilience and Sustainability.

The aim of this report is (1) to better inform the Local Government, in this case, the Municipality of Teresina, of the current state of the city with regards to resilience and ongoing related trends, based on conclusions derived from the CRPT implementation process described in this document; and (2) present a set of activities and actions, organised under three lines of action which, based on the project’s theory of change, guides municipal public policies in response to the priority issues previously identified.