The Recommendations of Actions for Resilience and Sustainability (RAR-S) proposed in this report, and the work undertaken to define them, are outputs of the “Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient Action: Implementing the Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030” (MCSR) at the local level. This MCSR action is a joint initiative of UNISDR and UN-Habitat and receives financial support from the European Commission (EC DEVCO). Its overall objective is to improve the understanding of, and capacity to, address disaster risks and build resilience at the local level, by supporting national and local disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation strategies, while focusing on building local capacities.

Since inception in April 2016, the MCSR action has supported over 25 local governments to confidently address the risk and resilience agenda in their cities, using adapted tools and methodologies while increasing capacities. This report details the findings and projected
way forward for the city of Maputo, based on the resilience analysis and diagnosis channelled through the City Resilience Profiling Tool (CRPT). UN-Habitat and the Municipality of Maputo have led the implementation of the CRPT in the city and have successfully overcome
challenges related to data collection and revision. The project has secured commitment from key actors that play a role in current and future steps.

This report details the findings, analysis, diagnosis, and commitment building, as well as the Recommendations of Actions for Resilience and Sustainability for the city of Maputo.