The municipality of Barcelona and UN-Habitat, through the City Resilience Global Programme (CRGP), have been working closely since 2013 to promote and implement Actions for Resilience at both the local level in Barcelona and in other cities across the world.

The transformative work pioneered in the city of Barcelona is essential to promoting a shift from a reactive urban culture to a proactive one. The resilience process in the city has resulted in calibration and progressive adjustments of the CRGP methodology and the Tool to make them more efficient and effective to apply. It has also provided findings, discoveries, and recommendations to the city of Barcelona that are of global interest. The Barcelona Resilience Profile and the city’s SDG voluntary local review (VLRs) are now interconnected, underpinning the resilience diagnostic-planning process while allowing resilience policies and the impact of actions to be measured through local indicators and data.

The insightful experience of Barcelona is shared within this report, and it should pave the way for other cities to explore and lead their own urban resilience journey.