Mayors gathered in Cancun, Mexico, for the Local and Regional Government Summit (22-23 May) have adopted the Declaration of Local and Regional Governments. Along with their partners from national governments, international organizations and risk reduction actors across many sectors, local government representatives sought to give new impetus to risk reduction and resilience efforts at the local level, drawing on renewed global commitments articulated through the Sendai Framework, New Urban Agenda, and among other frameworks.

During the Summit, UN-Habitat presented its City Resilience Profiling Tool to participants as a concrete measure being taken to provide the support cities require to become more resilient. Citing ongoing cases of implementation, Mr. Esteban Leon said “…the Tool is the most comprehensive available for cities today.”

The Local and Regional Government Summit was held in the framework of the 5th session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, convened by UNISDR.