One third of the population of The Republic are residents of the City District “Yakutsk Gorod”.

The total population is 328 493 people (33.9% of the population of The Republic), where 311760 people live in the urbanized area of Yakutsk, and the remaining 16733 people in rural settlements. The City District is the most densely populated municipal formation of The Republic with a density that exceeded 90 people per km2, while the total population density in the Sakha Republic is 0,31 people per km2.

Housing information

In 2016, the total area of ​​the housing stock increased by 149,8 thousand square meters raising the total amount to 5 843,2 thousand square meters.However, 36035 people still live in dilapidated houses, 31510 people in dilapidated apartment houses, while 9634 people are living in houses considered unsafe.

T46.9% of the housing stock was built after 1995, 41% between 1971-1995, 10.65% between 1946-1970, and 1.46% before 1946. Over two-thirds of the housing stock has been greatly depreciated and will need repairs and rehabilitations in the coming years.

The total amount of ​​houses equipped with centralized water supply is 85%, wastewater disposal and heating – 82%, hot water supply – 77%, and baths /showers – 76%, gas – 73%.