METHODOLOGY:Please, take into account that the 'incomplete' label refers to those supporting indicators and related questions for which the data is available, but without sex-disaggregation. Therefore, the real task completion rate for Gender Equality corresponds to 82%. The same percentage for Supporting Indicators and Related Questions would be 91% and 77% respectively. With this in mind, the pie charts reported below provide a zoom-in per each of the components included in the Gender Equality Enhancer, in order to better spot in which areas sex-disaggregated figures are lacking.

ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:Consistently with the scope and rationale of the Gender Equality Enhancer, the analysis unfolds on two levels.
  1. On the one hand, data gaps will be assessed in order to define the extent to which information is available, or not, and disaggregated by sex.
  2. On the other, gender-related questions will be measured against CRPT benchmarks, from a more qualitative perspective.

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