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Being resilient is not an option anymore; It is a responsibility to take action towards urgent global challenges such as climate change and sustainable economies.
Esteban has a background in economics and over two decades building local capacities, designing and managing shelter, housing and settlement programs in pre and post-crisis situations, and building urban resilience. He has been working for UN-Habitat since 2002, based in Nairobi, Geneva, Panama and Barcelona.
Esteban León
Head of the City Resilience Global Programme, UN-Habitat
Resilience is not a condition but a state. Resilience holds a dynamic nature, maintained only when the system evolves, transforms, and adapts to current and future changes.
Amaya has a background in architecture, urban and humanitarian action, and over 20 years of experience in disaster and climate resilience and sustainability, including her contribution to the ERCC in the European Commission and her role as SYLFF fellow in different academic programs. She has been working for UN-Habitat since 2016 in cities from Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Amaya Celaya
Normative and Operations Coordinator
Urban design and people's well-being are related. Cities are spaces to address inequality. We need a holistic perspective to build resilient and sustainable healthy territories.
Rosa has over 15 years of experience with local governments and international organisations, leading global campaigns and advocacy initiatives for sustainable and resilient cities. Rosa took part in the elaboration of the New Urban Agenda, leading outreach initiatives within the Habitat III Secretariat. She coordinated projects in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, China, Kenya and Europe.
Rosa Suriñach
Partnerships, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator
With urban resilience, we set a new direction for inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities.
As a Project Assistant, Israel coordinates the office of the City Resilience Global Programme. With a background in Urban planning and Urban Design, he previously was part of UN-Habitat's liaison office in Madrid, the Police Platform for Urban Development (PPUD) in Barcelona in the programme for Safer Cities, and the European COST Action project on Crime Prevention.
Israel Barroso
Project Assistant
By building capacities and institutionalising resilience within local governments, we give autonomy for them to define their priorities and paths to sustainable development.
Sozvin has developed international standards on urban resilience with UN-Habitat since 2017 by profiling cities and building local capacities for disaster risk reduction. She has expertise in Urban Design, architecture, and Public Policy and experience in public-private partnerships for urban planning and housing projects in Iraq.   
Sozvin Salih
Urban Resilience Consultant
Through a resilience lens, we can see how all urban systems are interconnected and impact each other and prioritise the actions that drive sustainable development.
Anna is an architect-planner with extensive experience working in different contexts and spatial scales to plan for inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities. Over the past 5 years, she has contributed to the UN-Habitat CRGP by implementing and calibrating the City Resilience Profiling Tool, conducting research on various dimensions of urban resilience, and supporting socio-economic response in cities for COVID-19.
Anna Karaan
Urban Resilience Consultant
Cities have a transformative power to help us achieve the SDGs. When our urban systems harness their resilient capacity, they transform how we move, relate, work and live.
Gabriela has worked for more than 10 years in different government levels developing public policy for humane, smart, resilient and sustainable cities.  Since 2019 she works for the Cooperation between UN-Habitat and the Government of Brazil, implementing the Cities Resilient Profiling Programme in the country. She is a Fellow of the School of Government of the Organization of American States.
Gabriela Uchoa
Urban Resilience Consultant
Local governments bring the contextual knowledge needed to diagnose the urban system and prioritise actions for building urban resilience.-City Resilience Global Programme
Since 2019, Yana has been part of UN-Habitat, providing support with research, data collection and geographic information systems (GIS) to implement the City Resilience Profiling tool.
Yana Antonenko
Urban Resilience Consultant
Resilience is how humans thrive. By building resilient cities we can recover from COVID-19, prepare for other shocks to come and achieve the global goals.
Isabel has been an integrative force between the public and private sectors, leading advocacy initiatives and branding campaigns across a number of countries in Latin America and European cities. For over ten years, she has collaborated with governments, international organisations, and private companies to build inclusive economies and resilient societies. She joined UN-Habitat in 2021. 
Isabel Parra
Digital Advocacy and Outreach Consultant