Urban Resilience Institute

Global frameworks such as the New Urban Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Climate Agreement, and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction require innovation, collaboration and applied research on how we manage risk and build resilience into our cities.

If we are to improve the quality of life for communities, address climate change and strive for more sustainable solutions to the worlds urban social, economic, environmental, security and governance issues, academia and knowledge centres must be incentivized to contribute.

Understanding our increasingly urban world in terms of the exposure of people and assets to risk requires a renewed commitment to research on how cities succeed or fail in the face of stresses and shocks. Devising new methodologies and practice in terms of sustainable urban development, keeping abreast of emerging technology, knowledge and practice and connecting them to practice on the ground is essential to answering the questions presented by local and regional governments, decision and policy makers, NGOs, and other actors working to increase urban resilience.

Coordinating action, knowledge and resources

There are many initiatives across the globe from different institutions working on urban resilience and a growing need for clearer focus and strategic direction. The Urban Resilience Institute will help bring effective action to scale and improve learning through pooled resources and knowledge.

Through the Institute, partners come together to assist and advise international institutions, governments, cities, NGOs, communities and those on the front line with a range of information, support, research and interventions.

Actors and Partners

UN Habitat initiated a consultation to explore the possibilities of establishing an Urban Resilience Institute to this end. Through a range of formal and informal agreements, UN-Habitat is currently engages with partners from 10 Universities across the globe, from North America, Europe and Asia with potential partners in all other continents. Partners to date:

Getting involved

UN-Habitat is coordinating the developments of the Urban Resilience Institute and invites ideas and examples of innovative practice from communities, government, NGOs and other stakeholders. For more information, please contact us