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The Potentials and Gaps of City-Led Climate Adaptation

The last week of September was a pivotal one for the future of climate politics. While images of emotional speeches and worldwide strikes disseminated across the global media, politicians gathered at the United Nations in a series of events intended to draw the next steps towards the global development goals, among which the fight against climate change stands out.

UN Photo/Cia Pak: Climate Action Summit 2019


Ivan Werneck S. Bassères
Research Assistant - Global Cities Programme at Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB )

Resilience and Typhoons

The Batanes Islands (Philippines) are known as the most resilient in the Pacific. This remote and beautiful archipelago is surrounded by seas and frequented by typhoons. For its population, resilience is as ingrained in life as the wind and rain.


Verónica Sánchez Carrera

Smart Cities: Why One Size Does Not Fit All

13 May 2019

The Habitat III Conference’s New Urban Agenda provides for a “paradigm shift” for pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new call for “safe, resilient, sustainable and inclusive cities” remains path highly dependent technology and corporate managerial solutions (e.g. smart cities), and institutional frameworks that often are not relevant to the particular city.

(source: 123RF)


Rajashree Ghosh
Resident Scholar; Womens Studies Research Center

Blue-Green Infrastructure for Climate Change Adaptation in Peru

May 2nd, 2019

Combining nature and semi-natural structures for urban water provision and risk reduction in the Peruvian basins.


Wetlands International

Migration and Gender in Resilience Planning: are we doing enough?

26th November 2018

Today’s global socio-economic conjuncture is characterized by urban transformations, the growth of cities, mass human displacement, and deep social inequalities. This article suggests that urban planning is a crucial factor for navigating this articulation, for better or for worse.


João Paulo Tavares Coelho de Freitas
Doctoral Fellow, United Nations University

The Crackdown on the Informal Poor – A Problem or a Solution?

25 September 2018

Forced evictions in Nigeria’s biggest cities are at an all-time high. Why and how did we get here? States like Lagos, Rivers, Edo, Kaduna and Kano have launched attacks on the urban poor through their policies. The majority of thus cruelty against the urban poor is unlawful and a violation of human rights. For example, the majority of cases in the Lagos state mobile court are centered around the “2003 illegal market and street trading ban”and the “wandering without a source of livelihood” law. This is not only illegal but a  violation of the right to livelihood and economic participation, freedom and public space.


Rebecca Enobong Roberts
Policy Advocacy Officer

Seoul Spearheads Global Efforts to Promote Fair and Sustainable Urban Tourism

21 September 2018

“Tourist Go home”, “Tourist: your luxury trip, my daily misery”, “Your tourism kills my neighborhood”. Recently, this kind of message has been seen in several travel destinations, victims of their own success and attractiveness. Indeed, for many residents living in these popular destinations, tourism has often been experienced as a nightmare rather than a dream.


Catherine Germier-Hamel
Senior Expert Sustainable & Smart Travel

New York, with 8.5 million people, heading for a sustainable future

July 17, 2018

New York has long been considered a pioneer – in fashion, art, music, and food, just to name a few. Now this city of 8.5 million is leading a shift in how we tackle today’s toughest global challenges like climate change, education, inequality, and poverty.


Maimunah Mohd Sharif Executive
Executive Director of the UN-Habitat

Divergent Definitions – Embracing a Holistic Understanding of Urban Resilience


Frequently referred to as a buzzword, the emergent focus on resilience has allowed it to become an increasingly normative framework to envision future urban development within – often in contemporary contexts, informing multi-dimensional facets of urban development. [1][2] (more…)

Sunjyot Singh
Urban Planner

Barcelona advances progress on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

24th April, 2018

Barcelona City Council is now equipped with the Pla Clima (Climate Plan). This cross-cutting strategy contains 242 actions running up to 2030 and complements the Paris Agreement on the fight against climate change. By implementing the plan, the City Council is picking up the pace towards reducing emissions and advancing towards the levels called for in the Paris agreement by 20 years.



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