We are committed to raising awareness about resilience and increasing global engagement through advocacy and partnerships with a variety of stakeholders:


Is your city interested in partnering with UN-Habitat to analyse its performance and build urban resilience? 

Learn more about how we collaborate with local governments to implement UN-Habitat’s City Resilience Profiling Programme and Tool.


Is your organization interested in collaborating on resilience projects or already working with a local government interested in building resilience?

Through partnership and funding support from private sector entities, we co-produce resources and publications on urban topics, and promote their resilience initiatives and facilitate them in this work by validating approaches.

The private sector can also contribute to our work with local governments and cities through funding or active participation in the implementation of the City Resilience Profiling Programme and Tool.


Would your organization be interested in collaborating in two-way communication efforts or joint resilience projects? 

We are always looking for input from organizations to learn about their resilience strategies and to spread knowledge around resilience from across the sector.

We welcome organizations to share their stories around resilience and knowledge products to be featured on our website, and we are open to making joint proposals for new resilience initiatives.


Is your university or department interested in sharing our resources and opportunities for experts and students in resilience-related fields

We collaborate with universities including the International University of Catalonia (UIC) by providing our technical resources and materials that can be used in coursework around trends urban resilience, implementing best practices in urban resilience in cities, and different aspects of the urban system in relation to resilience.

Additionally, we seek out experts and students in fields related to resilience and urban issues to submit written pieces to be published on our website and distributed through our digital channels. UN-Habitat also has internship opportunities in Barcelona for students studying related fields.


UN-Habitat’s urban resilience work is supported both financially and substantively by a number of partners. We also contribute to a number of communities of practice and networks to raise the resilience agenda globally, including:

Check out our latest work with partners

With the support and collaboration of AXA, UN-Habitat produced Supporting Housing Reconstruction After Disasters, Planning and Implementing Technical Assistance at Scale. These guidelines make the case for technical assistance in housing reconstruction, and provide recommendations for its implementation through sounds approaches and activities.