From earthquakes to cyber attacks, floods to housing crises, cities must always be prepared for shocks and stresses.

If you were Mayor, how would you react?

Come test your resilience!

, if you were Mayor,
how would you react?


, if you were Mayor,
how would you react?

in case of
Train local government staff
Explore public private partnerships
Build protective infrastructure
Raise awareness among the community
Mainstream resilience in strategic plan of the city
Join a network of cities
Create and Develop the city’s urban master plan
Enforce building codes
Gather and analyse data on the city
Enhance cooperation with other level of government
Stimulate small and medium sized businesses
Participate in global events
Localise global and national urban agendas for resilient cities
Explore approaches to inclusion and diversity
Improve emergency response capacities
Regulate development in risk-prone areas
Provide social protection measures
Improve provision and management of basic services
Ensure continuity of critical infrastructure
in case of


Well done! You took decisive action to protect your city,
citizens and functionality of the city.