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El Pais: Ciudades Incluyentes

May 9th, 2018

La cultura puede ayudar a las urbes a generar un sistema más fuerte de convivencia y desarrollo

UNWebTV: Resilient Cities Humanitarian Development Nexus

May 2nd, 2018
Resilient cities: strengthening the humanitarian-development nexus Side Event during the 2018 ECOSOC Integration Segment

Mon Planeta: Protecting cities from Natural Disasters

April 23, 2018
Article by Mon Planeta on CRPP.

Ciudad Sostenible: featuring UN-Habitat's resilience work

Feature in Ciudad Sostenible on Trends in Urban Resilience

Món Planeta: UN-Habitat in Sant Pau

April 14, 2018
Article by El Món on Sant Pau institutions

World Water Council: Asuncion featured

March 19, 2018
The flagship publication by the WWCouncil has features UN-Habitat's work with Asuncion as a good case of water resilience.

RESCCUE: Launching the Hub

February 13th, 2018
Announcing the launch of the Urban Resilience Hub by UN-Habitat

UNESCO: Building the case for urban resilience with UN-Habitat

February 13th, 2018
"Without culture, people cannot recover from disasters", Deputy Director of the Heritage Division in UNESCO

Sant Pau: Urban Resilience Hub launch

February 14th, 2018
The Knowledge Centre of Sant Pau's take on the Urban Resilience Hub

UN TV: Launch of Resilience Hub

February 13, 2018
Press Conference at the 9th World Urban Forum on the Launch of the Urban Resilience Hub

Ciudades Resilientes: estar en forma es la mejor defensa

January 2018
Esteban León nos describe en este podcast el enfoque a partir de un modelo que describe como de "multiamenazas" para crear y fortalecer capacidades en ciudades del mundo...

Barcelona City Council: Dan Lewis on Refugees

Dan Lewis: "Refugees can contribute to the social and cultural wealth of the city"

RESCCUE: UN-Habitat hosts the exhibition

UN-Habitat, an important member of the RESCCUE family, through its City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP)

Ykt.Ru: Analysing Resilience in Yakutsk

Yakutsk was included in the project of the UN-Habitat Urban Resilience Programme.

Metropolis: Urban Resilience session coverage

Metropolis, a global network of major cities and metropolitan areas, invited UN-Habitat to contribute to a session on urban resilience.  

Zilient: Interview with Esteban Leon

Interview with UN-Habitat's Esteban Leon by Zilient on the need to support local governments face the challenges of urbanization.

Diputacio de Barcelona: World Cities Day 2017

Coverage of the World Cities Day Celebrations 2017 from the Diputacio de Barcelona

Sant Pau: World Cities Day 2017

Coverage by the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site of the World Cities Day Celebration 2017.

Time Out: World Cities Day 2017

Coverage from Time Out of the World Cities Day celebration 2017  

Barcelona City Council: World Cities Day 2017

Coverage of the World Cities Day celebration 2017 by Barcelona City Council.  

Axa: Marking World Habitat Day

Axa coverage of the agreement signed between the insurance company and UN-Habitat

UN-Habitat Mexico: Resilient Cities Network in Mexico

Interview with the Head of CRPP office of UN-Habitat on resilient cities networks.

UNISDR: session 2017 Global Platform for DRR

Video of the Land Use and Spatial Planning session at the 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction  

Zilient: Article on the true cost of disasters

Article with comment by Dan Lewis of UN-Habitat on the true cost of disasters for governments.

Zilient: webinar Dodging Disaster

Full recording of the the webinar, Dodging Disaster: How can we build a safer world for all?

Generalitat de Catalunya: Where will we go? Exhibition

Coverage of the Exhibition 'Where will we go?" by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Gov of Catalonia: Conference of "Climate Futures"

Conference 'Climate Futures: Financing the Low-carbon Energy Transition' and inauguration of the exhibition 'Where are we going?' UN-Habitat project started in Yakutsk

Experts of UN-Habitat will analyse the city in terms of risks.

RuNews24: Yakutsk will participate in the program of UN-Habitat

The agreement was signed between mayor of Yakutsk and the head of the program Dan Lewis.

TASS: Yakuts is the first city in Russia working with UN-Habitat

Yakutsk became the first city in Russia to sign an agreement with UN-Habitat to implement the City Resilience Profiling Programme.

IISD: UN-Habitat Showcases City Resilience Profiling Programme

Article from the SDG Knowledge Hub by IISD announcing City Resilience Profiling Tool. Esteban Leon about UN-Habitat

Esteban León, Technical Adviser of the UN-HABITAT programme discussing the Programme's action

Sant Pau: Exhibition: Where will we go?

The City Resilience Profiling Programme (UN-HABITAT/CRPP),one of the resident institutions at the Knowledge Centre, presents the exhibition Where will we go?

Urban Gateway: UN-Habitat partner cities

Urban Gateway announcing partnerships between UN-Habitat and ten cities to build resilience