City-to-city training between Yakutsk and Barcelona

April 7th, 2017

The week-long mission (4-7 April) was part of the city’s collaboration with the Programme to develop a Resilience Action Plan and included various training sessions with UN-Habitat experts.

Barcelona City Council, one of the cities engaged with the programme, also attended this session to explain their own experience building resilience through the CRPP approach and shared the results of their data collection.

Speaking about the training and exchange with Barcelona City Council, Gavril Kirillin, Yakutsk City Council commented, “the City Resilience is quite a new topic, not only for Russia but also for the whole world. I think that Barcelona city is the pioneer of using resilience tools in a practical way. We are looking forward to learning from the Barcelona experience of city Resilience.”

CRPP will support the local government to implement the City Resilience Profiling Tool over the coming months and generate a Resilience Action Plan for the Arctic city.


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